Eat – Nourish
Heal – Be

Recognising and embracing dietary diversity by assisting you to make decisions best for your health, well-being and way of life.

Connect with me, so I can help you
connect with you!


Have you been on a rollercoaster of diets?


Felt like you could stare at a chocolate and put on weight?


Had health concerns you didn’t know how to spell, let alone how to deal with?


Find nutrition information confusing and conflicting?


Feel like your nutritional needs always come last?


Struggle to keep up with the nutritional needs to meet your family's physical and metabolic demands?

take control

“It’s time to take control
of your health, one step at a time”

Connect with Gia to help you to create lifestyle changes, that let you go back to basics, make a fresh start or take a new approach? All while being supported in a caring environment with client centred and evidence-based advice. Each step you will be supported to get the results and changes you need and want.







Hi there, and welcome. Im Gia, your Dietitian, Nutritionist & Pilates Instructor

I am married with 3 teenage children, have 2 fluffy dogs a wild cat, love to create and eat new dishes and love running, yoga and pilates!

As mother I have witnessed my children grow from babies to young adults, as a wife I have seen my husband grow from a young adult to a man and as a daughter I have seen my parents grow from adults into retirees. Witnessing their journey along with many wonderful people’s journey around me has allowed me to learn how food has a different connection to each person and each stage of life. Food forms a huge part of our life and I want to help people connect with the enjoyment of all types of food, how it nourishes, heals and allows us to just be!

“I cannot recommend Gia enough.
Her knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Not only did she help me work out achievable goals for myself and my family she supported us in such a way that we were able to address our concerns and succeed. Nothing was ever a problem when needing her support to have a clear understanding in the process. We are forever grateful as what Gia has done for us and life changing with her continued support ”