So glad you’re here! I’m Gia and I want to share my experience with you

During my teenage years I suffered from painful periods, bloating and weight gain and told the pill was my best way to normalise my periods. Sure it stopped blood flow and pain, but if anything it added to my weight gain. So, as a teenager all I cared about was how I looked instead of learning what was going on.

My female health problems together with many ups and downs with dieting continued into adulthood and quickly came to a halt when my health switched to nourishing my 3 beautiful children. My twin boys were born 8 weeks prem and ended up enduring many hospital visits with respiratory problems, chronic illnesses and mental health challenges. My daughter breezed into this world, but for her concerns came when she hit puberty.

At times in my life where I have had complete control over my health and other times absolutely no idea what my hormones are doing. And when I am mum all I care for is the health of my children. Then when I am supporting clients through their own health journeys, they are who I care for.

Everyone’s health journey is truly unique, however, one strong bond we all share is how important Women’s 5th Vital sign is – the menstrual cycle. Sadly most women have been educated on how NOT to fall pregnant, how to suppress pain/feelings, how to switch female reproductive hormones off, and how to care for others instead of how to embrace and learn about ourselves.

As I forever thrive and learn, with additional accreditation (Monash University Fodmap trained dietitian, Early Nutrition Alliance Fertility Dietitian) my passion lies with supporting women of all ages to take back control over their bodies and their health by understanding what their body is whispering to them. Helping empower women to work towards optimising their health and nutrition to support all stages of life. This includes knowing the power of that vital sign to help create a nurturing environment for conception.

What is our Vision?

My vision is to create a future in which people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, feel empowered to fulfill their optimal health potential by understanding the power of food as medicine and its overall profound effect on the body and mind.

What makes my heart warm?

My wonderful (and supportive) husband – Marty

My adorable (and challenging) kids – Jett, Braedy & Skyla

My mum – Jackie (light in shining armour)

My bro - Darryl (who got me out of trouble growing up)

My in-laws (Bev & Aub) and of course

My 3 furry live soft toys (well 2 are my favs but I can’t leave the cat out!!)

Few juicy things about me


Love what you do, do what you love

Favourite song to run to:

All fired up – Bat Benatar (showing my age I know!)

Favourite desert: 

Sticky date pudding (with extra gooey sauce) – which I expect to eat every birthday (hopefully this gives the family plenty of notice to have it made for me each year!!)

Favourite Vegetable:

Brussel Sprouts

Biggest achievement:

Winning – HCANZA Best Emerging Health & Wellness Coach of the year – 2022!

Finishing both University degrees with Distinction Average
To me all huge accomplishments given I finished high school at 15 (not loving school!)

Accredited Health Coach – Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association

As a Health Coach, Gia will collaborate with you to identify the area of your life you would like to improve. Together we work on clarifying what it is you really want and why it is important for you learn, grow and feel empowered to manage your own health.

Health Coaching is a client centred approach that encourages:

Self-awarenss, compassion and kindness

Reaffirms that you are the expert in your life

Exploration of new possibilities as well as a curious and a flexible mindset

Offers strategies to increase behaviour changes or how to adopt a new healthy lifestyle

An attitude of trial and error based on their strengths and values

Structure and accountability to navigate obstacles and set realistic and achievable goals

Gia combines her evidence-based medical/nutritional therapy with her supportive Health Coaching to help you with any aspect of your health and/or lifestyle that you would like to change.

Need support?

Are you ready to focus on you and your health needs? Not sure where to start?