So glad you’re here! I’m Gia and I want to share my experience with you

During my teenage years I suffered from painful periods, bloating and pain. During this time of discomfort, instead of searching for foods to heal, I started to search for diets and quick solutions to ease the pain and reduce the weight gain. After falling pregnant with twins, my diet became focused around creating healthy and happy babies. I continued to eat well post birth and it was during these years of caring for myself, that I also left the corporate world to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer. During my second pregnancy I was more focused on strengthening my body for the birth of my daughter, which is when I found a love for Pilates and consequently became a Pilates Instructor.

So many diets came in and out during my time in the fitness world, with the emphasise on women’s physiques and the desire to have the best body. I have since learnt that a healthy body is learning about your body and its natural balance. This also altered my perception around food, which is why I enrolled into Uni to study the link between how food affects our body, mind and prevents disease. Six years later, I ended up with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science and a Master’s of Nutrition and Dietetics. .

As a woman, I struggled with women’s health problems and yo-yo dieting for a huge part of my life (adolescence to adulthood). This had a negative impact on my body confidence and poor self-acceptance. As a mother and carer, I endured many hospital visits for my children who had respiratory problems, one son suffering from a chronic medical disorder, and many visits to numerous health professionals to help my family through their mental health challenges. All these defining moments ignited passion in my belly (along with lots of good gut bugs), love in my heart and a full head of knowledge to use to support people with their own health issues.


What is our Vision?

My vision is to create a future in which people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, feel empowered to fulfill their optimal health potential by understanding the power of food as medicine and its overall profound effect on the body and mind.

What makes my heart warm?

My wonderful (and supportive) husband – Marty

My adorable (and challenging) kids – Jett, Braedy & Skyla

My mum – Jackie (light in shining armour)

My bro - Darryl (who got me out of trouble growing up)

My in-laws (Bev & Aub) and of course

My 3 furry live soft toys (well 2 are my favs but I can’t leave the cat out!!)

Few juicy things about me


Love what you do, do what you love

Favourite song to run to:

All fired up – Bat Benatar (showing my age I know!)

Favourite desert: 

Sticky date pudding (with extra gooey sauce) – which I expect to eat every birthday (hopefully this gives the family plenty of notice to have it made for me each year!!)

Favourite Vegetable:

Brussel Sprouts

Biggest achievement:

Attending Uni as a mature age student and finishing off both degrees with Distinction Average. This was huge as I finished high school at the end of year 10.

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