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Gia provides a personalised service that explores your lifestyle, behaviour, current nutrition values, and health/medical concerns. Helping people achieve their health goals, enhance their quality of life and slow down the progression/development of chronic disease.

Do Any of These
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PCOS & Endometriosis

Are you:

  • Struggling with painful and irregular periods?
  • Constantly craving sweets and carbs?
  • Experiencing weight gain no matter what you do?
  • Missing days of school or work because you’re in so much pain?
  • Dealing with digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea, or constipation?
  • Have nutrition deficiencies you are unsure of how to support?

While PCOS and endometriosis are two very different conditions, they have one thing in common: a large amount of contradictory information available online.

Let me help you make sense of all that information while helping you develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan to gain control of your symptoms.


Are you:

  • Considering starting a family but unsure of how nutrition can support you and your future offspring?
  • Stuck on the emotional rollercoaster of trying to get pregnant?
  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed that conventional medicine isn’t giving you any answers?
  • Confused about what foods to eat and which supplements to take?
  • Finally pregnant but unsure of the next steps to take to ensure a healthy pregnancy?

Whether you’re trying to conceive or newly pregnant, nutrition is vital to your health plan.

Let me help you nourish your body to improve your chances of conception and support a healthy pregnancy.

Perimenopause & Menopause

Are you:

  • Feeling lost and confused as to why you’re suddenly experiencing a long list of symptoms?
  • Exercising and eating well but still gaining weight and feeling unwell?
  • Ready to take charge of mid-life so you can return to enjoying the activities you love?

Perimenopause represents the next phase of your reproductive health journey, but for many people, it can be a confusing time that brings a lot of unwanted symptoms.

Let me help you address these frustrating symptoms and create a plan that helps you get back to doing what you love while feeling great.


I help women understand their body and recognise why nutrition is important through all stages of life and through all stages of conception. Addressing all areas of health, my service to you is based on:


Your satisfaction is my sole ambition


Deliver high standards of nutrition and medical care through education, emotional comfort, strong listening skills and client-centred conversations


Putting you first, by supporting the life of your choice, by providing everyone with the same amount of respect, care and fairness


Help determine what matters to you, whether that be health, beliefs or ideas to identify what makes you who you are


Support you with the knowledge and skills to empower you to make changes suitable to you


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a doctor’s referral required?
No, a doctor’s referral is not required.

Are services offered virtually?
Yes, all services are offered virtually via Zoom.

Do you offer in-person appointments?
Yes, I offer in-person appointments at my office at 2/89 Manning Street, Kiama, NSW, 2533.

What’s your appointment reservation policy?
For the first appointment, payment in full is required up-front. For follow-up appointments, 50% is due up-front, with the remaining 50% payable once the appointment has been completed.

What’s your cancellation policy?
Appointments may be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If cancellations are within the 24-hour period, an administration fee applies.

Does insurance cover your services?
Yes – Medicare covers services if you have an enhanced primary care plan (a rebate of up to five sessions in a calendar year).

I also can provide services that you can claim with your private health plan, if your plan includes nutrition/dietetics services.

Will you recommend supplements?
I always take a food-first approach to nutrition; however, if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or in perimenopause, I may recommend certain supplements in addition to nutrition recommendations to best support your needs.

What kind of recipes will you recommend?
I will recommend recipes based on your preferences, individual needs and cultural background. Even though I am open to all foods, I do focus on plant-based foods because many people do not eat enough of these foods and are unaware of how to prepare them as well as the many benefits to women’s health.

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